Nametag: Name Your Phone

Nametag: Name Your Phone

2019, Dec 10    


You carry around a luggage tag for when you lose your suitcase, why not do the same for when you lose your phone? Nametag allows you to display your basic contact details on your lock screen when someone swipes right, even when it is locked. Create your Nametag and never lose your phone again. Nametag is like an always-on “lost mode” that lets you display your name, email address, and an emergency contact number to help whoever finds your phone get in touch with you to easily return your lost phone. If you constantly leave your phone behind or just want some peace of mind, let Nametag help you reclaim your lost phone.


I had the idea for Nametag during my second year at Florida State University. I noticed a large number of posts on Facebook from students about phones they had either lost during the previous night or found in the morning. Each post relied on people who recognized the lock screen background or recent incoming messages on the lock screen. To solve this problem, I created Nametag.


Featured as Student App of the Month in London App Brewery’s monthly newsletter, The L.A.B. Report.

This month, we’ve chosen Wyatt Harrell who has built this ingenious Nametag app after completing our online iOS app development boot camp. It uses Today Extensions to display your details on the lock screen so that if someone finds your phone, they can contact you.”