iStats: iMessage Statistics

2019, Aug 11    
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iStats is a web-app that allows users to see statistics based on their sent iMessages. It was written in Python and makes use of the chat.db file generated by macOS devices. The front-end was created using Flask, HTML, and JavaScript. The design was inspired by the iMessage user interface and features clickable chat bubbles based on the features listed below.


  • Top 10 most used words, characters, emojis
  • Minimum, maximum, average character count
  • Most texted contact number
  • Activity by month, week, hour
  • Search a string


For iStats, I was inspired by Appleā€™s lack of a proper search functionality (prior to iOS 13) for messages in iMessage. As our semester-long group project in CIS 4930: Python Programming at Florida State University, we built iStats to create a better search functionality, while also outputting other interesting user data such as most used words, emojis, most texted contact number, and more.